Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Baby Shower Number Two for Baby "Nims" Number Two

I love my coworkers.

For real. They are the greatest group of strong, intelligent, sassy, loving, compassionate, real, hard-working women that I know. The world of nursing is a funny one... everyone seems to know a nurse, has a cousin or a neighbor who's a nurse, or at the least has interacted with a nurse at some point in their life. Working as a nurse is complex, tiring, difficult, sometimes heart-breaking, and often extremely gratifying. I consider my nurse coworkers to be like a second family. The nature of our occupation makes it impossible not to become close friends. We work in close proximity for 12 hours at a time and rely on each other in stressful, busy situations. When one of us stumbles, we all join together in big ways to help out.

In short, I love my coworkers.

They never cease to amaze me. And most recently, surprised me all over again with an incredible shower for baby #2. I have insisted for the last several months that we didn't need anything for baby #2, that we had all of our "gear" still from Isaac. Despite this, these ladies rallied around me and literally showered me with incredible things. I am so very very humbled and thankful.

Funniest cake ever. Notice the spelling error! This made me laugh until I thought my water was going to break! The sweet coworker who ordered it insists that she corrected the spelling multiple times and in the end, it still came out wrong! So stinking funny. And it has stuck! Word of the blunder has spread throughout women's services and this baby is now lovingly referred to as Nims by anyone and everyone I know at work. I honestly love this and couldn't be more tickled to have such a great little nickname and story to tell this baby when he/she is older.

 The goods! This isn't even all of it... didn't I tell you I was totally humbled by the outpouring of love (in the form of diapers, wipes, and other baby necessities.) THEN, as if that weren't already enough, these ladies pooled together and bought us a gift certificate for birth photography! Love!!! I just get a little misty-eyed thinking about the memories that will be captured... this baby's first moments, our reaction to this sweet little surprise, and most of all, the time when Isaac meets his little brother or sister for the very first time. This isn't something that I would've ever chosen to spend money on myself, so I'm extremely grateful that my L&D family would do something so thoughtful.

The greatest CRNA ever.

The greatest CRNA ever plus the two day shift preggos.

The cake was DELICIOUS by the way. Luckily, I went in for my 37wk appt & weigh in BEFORE the party! Haha!

I can't thank these ladies enough for the ways that they love on me, Jordan, Isaac, and Nims! I must get working on the dozens of thank you cards... pronto!!!

Monday, January 12, 2015

38 Week Update

We are officially on baby watch! I'm 2 weeks away from my due date and ready to go. I've knocked a lot of things off of my 35/35 list and am essentially only "waiting" until our family gets into town. And by "waiting," I mean keeping fingers and legs crossed as long as I can! Either way though, I can't wait to meet this baby!!!! I guess I can go ahead and make my own predictions, although I fully anticipate being just as wrong this time as I was with Isaac. I was certain that Isaac was a girl and that "she" was around the 8 pound mark.... and then 9lb 6oz Isaac comes out and shocks us all. This time around, I think I'm having another boy and that this baby won't be as big as brother Isaac.

We will find out soon!

I got this shot with my sweet high school small group girls after Sunday School. Check out that bump action!
Total Weight Gain: I've exceeded thirty pounds. Insert crying emoji.

Fetal Size: Full size baby. If this baby comes close to Isaac's size, it's already in the 8 & 1/2 pound range. But like I said earlier, I don't feel quite as "big" this time around as I did when I was pregnant with Isaac.

Movements: Lots and lots of movements all day long, much of which feels L-O-W. My fundal height had dropped at this weeks appointment, and I can totally understand why!

Symptoms: I've been battling a cold all week which has overshadowed any pregnancy-related complaint. Other than that, all the typical 38 week feelings are there: some occasional contractions, insomnia, fatigue, etc. Some days I'm starving and some days I can't fit more than a bite or two in my stomach. Some days I feel like I pee every 15 minutes. By the end of a 12 hour shift, I can no longer see my ankle bones for all the swelling. Nothing too exciting or terrible.

Gender: A surprise!!! We have names picked out for either sex: Ian Michael or Natalie Anne. Just like Isaac's middle name is a family name, both Michael & Anne are family names. Ian is the scottish variant of John, which means "God is gracious," so my husband gets to fulfill his desire for a meaningful, Biblical boy's name (just like Isaac). And then we just like the name Natalie. For no fancy reason other than we just plain like it. Ha!

Cravings: Nothing in particular, although cheese usually always sounds good.

Aversions: Ugh. Water. I try to keep up with the amount of water I should drink each day and it's getting SO old. Not only that, my heartburn/reflux seems to get worse with a stomach full of water. Oh well, bottoms up!

Next Up: If I don't deliver in the next few days, I have some last-minute appointments to take care of. Also, my doctor will check my cervix on Friday. Also, my GBS swab last week was negative! Hurray!

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

My Firstborn

It seems like the blog has seen its share of pregnancy related posts. And with good reason; at 37 weeks along now, it feels like my entire world kind of revolves around this coming baby.

With the exception of my firstborn.

I thought i'd spend a little time updating the world on my sweet Isaac. For at least a few more weeks, he's still one of my very favorite subjects to talk about.... and something tells me that's not ever going to change.
Making funny faces in the tub.... 
...and on the couch!
First off, Isaac is a chatterbox. There's very little time during the day where he isnt trying to talk about what's going on in his world. He constantly surprises me with his expansive vocabulary as well as his perception of the world. Oh, and he has this incredible little memory! It's becoming harder and harder to talk about him without talking in "code." I just love how expressive and verbal he is though! He has a lot to say! And in true boy style, he can have entire conversations that consist solely of growls and roars... like tigers, monsters, dinosaurs, and sharks.

Bet you didn't know sharks say "Rawr!"

Isaac loves cars (the movie and the matchbox variety) and Curious George. Occasionally he will tolerate Veggie Tales, Monsters, Inc., and Toy Story. He could "pway cars" all day long. Recently, he has started insisting on napping and sleeping with some of his cars. We compromise by setting his cars along his side table and chest, so they can "watch him sleep"... because he also insists on having a hoard of stuffed animals and blankets in his bed. He is hilarious.

Going along with bedtime related things, I wake up each morning hearing him on the monitor saying, "Moooommmmmmyyyyyy! ....ARE YOU?!?! Moommmmmm ....ARE YOU?! (Where are you?)" It's so sweet and silly and funny. He stays in bed until I open his door, and he'll greet me with a "Hey Mom!" and then rocket out of bed.

Annnnnd he's also two. Which has really started to rear it's stubborn, loud, tantrumy, ugly head. For so much of the time, he is sweet and funny and a big helper. Then there are moments where he makes me want to bang my head against a wall. Parenting a toddler is such a mind game, and it is emotionally draining! Some days are tough and I just pray that consistency, discipline, love, and a lot of chocolate will get me through the difficult days.

He loves bath time more than most any other time of the day. Often times, more water ends up outside the tub than in it. He got a few dozen new bath toys for Christmas, which have been a huge hit (thanks Aunt Jennifer!). I haven't even attempted potty training yet, but he is proficient in peeing in the tub, so there's that.

I adore my little buddy and I seriously couldn't be more excited thinking of him as a big brother.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

2014 in review

Happy 2015!!!!

We hope you have a blessed year! It is going to be a big year for my family, considering anytime now, we will be adding a new member to the Mims clan. I'd say that we have lots of other things on our plate, but honestly, all I can see right now is baby #2. And that's not because I can hardly see the keyboard around my pregnant belly. I've had fun looking over the past year's posts and pictures. It's hard to believe Isaac looked so little! I only blogged a measly 70 times, which breaks down to only 5.8 blogs/month.... it's been a busy year! It's nice to reminisce about the good times and see where the Lord has taken and grown our family this year.

Here's a quick recap of 2014:
January: Girl's Retreat 2014 was held at a fantastic waterfront home and we studied Gods at War. It kicked off a really wonderful small group of girls that I've met with regularly ever since.

February: Student Life Conference and Passion 2014 kept us away from home two weekends in a row. Also, Isaac and I went on a whirlwind trip to Austin to visit some dear friends.

March: While Jordan spent spring break traveling the southeast with our students, I spent spring break with Isaac. This was also the month I started the journey towards becoming a Fetal Monitoring Educator (which didn't become official until November! Sheesh!) and we took a family trip to Austin to spend the weekend with another set of dear friends. Lastly, this was when our stubborn little boy decided he wanted to walk (finally) and ever since hasn't stopped moving.

April: One of our two 2014 trips to Augusta was in April and I was able to celebrate the pregnancy of an especially dear friend.

May: We learned that our family would be expanding! Positive pregnancy test and a due date of 1/25/15! I also ran my one and only race this month.

June: I rolled over into a new decade! 30 years old as of 6/4. Hubs turned 31...Old man. We also took our first Isaac-free vacation, spending a long weekend in San Antonio.

July: Jordan and I celebrated our 8th year of marriage. This was another busy month where we spent almost as much time away from home as we spent at home. Isaac took his first trip to the zoo and we took our first lengthy road trip to visit friends in north Texas.

August: This was a pretty quiet month, which was well appreciated after a busy summer.

September: I took a rejuvenating mommy only trip to Nashville to visit my sister and her husband.

October: My sweet boy had his second birthday! It was perfectly low-key where we spent the whole day doing and eating exactly what Isaac loves. He also moved out to his big boy room and the nursery was stripped down and rearranged to prepare for baby #2.

November: Second trip to Augusta and my first baby shower for kiddo #2. Instead of flying this time around, we drove the trip and it was a huge success. We celebrated Thanksgiving with our Houston family.

December: We celebrated Christmas and continued prepping our home and family for baby #2.

It was a wonderful year! Here's hoping for another fantastic year!!

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Christmas Recap 2014

It's New Year's Eve, all of the holiday decorations are packed away, and I haven't even written a little snippet about our Christmas this year! The days are streaking by faster than I can even blink, which means in a minute, this gestating baby will be a month old already. Yikes!

We had a wonderfully quiet Christmas at home again this year. I think I've mentioned in past Christmas posts about my commitment to spend Christmas at my own home with my little family, which isn't always an easy (or popular) feat when you live separated from extended family. I'm not ashamed to admit it IS a little selfish of me to want to create our own traditions and memories in our own house. This year was no exception... plus, I'm a little too pregnant to travel very far!

We got up at a normal time on Christmas morning. Even though we had told Isaac in the days leading up to Christmas that he would get to open presents on Christmas morning, he still didn't really understand the whole concept. Therefore, he was not awake at 4am to open gifts. One of these days, that will be our reality, and it will be both heartwarming and exhausting! Ha! Isaac definitely showed more Christmas spirit this year than in years past (when he was 2 months and 14 months....). More than anything, he liked looking at the "Chris-sas wights." We were out nearly every night walking the neighborhood looking at the lights on the houses. He loved looking at the Christmas tree and would ask every morning to turn the lights on. Isaac could tell that this time of year had some significance and so we attempted to capitalize on that wonder by reading through some advent studies (Note to self: John Piper advent materials aren't exactly written for 2 year olds.), reading through the Christmas story several times, and singing Happy Birthday to Jesus on Christmas morning. Jordan and I both agreed that Isaac would probably understand the whole Santa thing by next Christmas, so maybe we'd add that into the mix.
Isaac's Loot. Jordan and I kept to the "Want - Need - Wear - Read" mentality, so really only 3 of the presents above are from us (his "need" gift wasn't wrapped). The remaining gifts were from Grammy, Big Daddy, and Uncle Tim/Aunt Jennifer. We're not at all spoiled around here! Hahaha!

 My special boy's special moments checking out his presents. He especially loved his "bike."
He was pretty thrilled with everything and in true Isaac-whirling-dervish self, ran in excited circles, resulting in many blurry pictures. He loved tearing into his gifts. It made my momma heart smile to see my sweet baby so happy.
After eating our "traditional" Christmas morning breakfast of French Toast Casserole (Find the recipe on my Pinterest!) and sausage, we spent some time enjoying all of our new things. (Jordan got me a new vacuum cleaner and a purse!) We also watched Frozen. Strangely enough, I woke up Christmas morning with a hankering for Frozen, which in our boy-heavy house, gets very little play in comparison to Cars, Monsters Inc/University, Nemo, and Toy Story. It makes me wonder if my subconscious is trying to tell me I'm having a girl and need to know about this Frozen stuff. Haha!

Although I'd planned on cooking a large Christmas dinner for the three of us, we were invited to join another family for lunch. So after we had our own family time, we packed up some games and donned our stretchy pants and had a yummy steak lunch with some sweet friends. Isaac and I left after lunch to both get in some nap time, but when we were up and moving again, we joined back up with Jordan, who was still playing games with our friends. They fed us dinner as well and we watched a movie together while Isaac destroyed their house. It was relaxing and fun and full of laughter.

We hope you had a wonderful Christmas and have a happy new year!

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Merry Christmas!

Wishing all my friends out in blogland a very very Merry Christmas! May your holidays be filled with the peace and joy of Christ.

"The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us. We have seen His glory, the glory of the one and only Son, who came from the Father, full of grace and truth." -John 1:14

Sunday, December 21, 2014


The day has arrived folks. I am a mere 35 days away from my January 25 due date. That's 28 days from my 39th week (which was when I had Isaac). The days are few.

And somehow, the details/to-dos are few as well.

I think it's just the second child nonchalance.

Just as my entire 2nd pregnancy has been less anxiety-filled than my first, I'm just not that worked up over getting a ton of things done in the next 4-5 weeks. I looked back over my 35/35 list from September 2012 which reminded me of some important things I haven't even thought of yet (oh yeah, what am I going to do with the dog? Ive thought about Isaac, but maybe not Mauve.). And then there were many things that I just don't have to repeat (Like I'm using the same pediatrician. Don't need to interview her! Ha!). But the furniture is put together, washing bottles can wait, I'm already registered at the hospital, and we're re-using 98% of Isaac's old gear, which since I've put it together/taken it apart 1,000 times since his arrival, I'm not sweating the fact that the carseat is still in it's box and the pack-n-play is tucked in the corner.

So, in no particular order, here's a list of things I'd like to have accomplished prior to baby #2's arrival:

  1. Get the carpets cleaned.
  2. Pack a minimal hospital bag.
  3. Have the house sprayed for bugs.
  4. Deep clean the house. #nestingprobs
  5. Buy some goodies for my doctor, CRNA, and delivery nurse.
  6. Pre-Baby Mani/Pedi.
  7. Fresh hair color & cut. 
  8. Prenatal Massage and bikini wax.
  9. Wash baby's newborn clothes and linens.
  10. Check on the status of my breast pump (thank you insurance company!)
  11. Arrange care for Isaac and Mauve if I go into labor early.
  12. Buy a "brother gift" for Isaac.
  13. GBS swab... fingers crossed I'll be negative again.
Compared to last time, this list is pretty do-able. And lets face it, even though having a fresh mani/pedi seems to be really important, lots of these things are frivolous and completely unnecessary. All in all, I'm pretty ready to have a baby. 

In 5 more weeks.
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